Asynchronous Teledentistry

Our goal is to make dental care more accessible and streamlined by connecting with referral networks and increasing patient touchpoints.

How it works

Step 1

Patient form

Patients will need to provide some basic information, an oral photo, and make a payment before booking an appointment

Step 2

Receive information

You will be able to view the image and the forms in Dentulu's dashboard

Step 3

Notes & examination

Based on the oral conditions of the patient, you will be examining and writing the root cause of the issue.

Step 4

Send feedback

You will be sending the feedback to the patient directly using a unique link.

Step 5

Follow Up an appointment

You will recommend a treatment plan or make an appointment for further care

Do you know what asynchronous teledentistry is?

Asynchronous teledentistry involves recording a patient’s clinical information and transferring the data to another dental professional at a different location.

In what ways does it help?

This allows us to safely and securely share patient information, including radiographs, intraoral photos, and clinical data with dental or medical providers for a full evaluation that the doctor can complete remotely.

Still not convinced? There are plenty of reasons to choose us over the competition. Here are a few

Benefits of opting for asynchronous teledentistry

  • Increase access to dental care by providing care to patients in remote or underserved areas
  • It can help reduce the cost of dental care by eliminating the need for travel and office visits
  • Improve the quality of care by providing more timely and convenient access to dental expertise
  • Improve patient satisfaction by providing more convenient and flexible access to dental care

To whom you can practice?

Asynchronous teledentistry can be used for consultations, second opinions, or even diagnosis and treatment planning for more complex cases.


Dentulu is a fully-secured, teledentistry solution that enables patients to book affordable consults with dental professionals, similar to the way you would order an Uber. Our Board-Certified dentists and specialists are available to connect with you same-day, via live video conferencing or in-person, so you can get the care you need, when you need it, all from the comfort of your own home.

If you have a dental problem that you would like to consult with a dentist about, but you do not have the time or money to schedule a traditional in-person consultation, then an online dental consultation may be a good option for you.

The cost of an online dental consultation is typically less expensive than a traditional in-person consultation. we charge less than $60

You can create an account in 3 simple steps

Create an account: Create an account by providing basic information

Select dentist: You can choose the best-qualified dentist for you from the list

Proceed with a treatment plan: The dentist will examine your oral issues online and develop a treatment plan

Asynchronous teledentistry is a type of teledentistry that allows patients and dental professionals to communicate with each other without being online at the same time. This type of teledentistry can be used for consultation, diagnosis, or treatment planning purposes.

Dentulu is available for download on Google Playstore. You can also visit our website to create an account and book an appointment.