Dentulu's Paperless Forms - the one-stop solution for all your dental office needs

In the digital age, managing paperwork can be a daunting task for dental practices. That's why we developed Dentulu's Paperless Forms. Designed with convenience and efficiency in mind, our platform provides a seamless way to manage all your forms from one place - no need for multiple software or complex workflows.

Our feature-rich platform allows you to send forms directly to patients, who can digitally fill them out and sign them from the comfort of their homes. Once completed, these forms can be instantly added to patient charts, streamlining your record-keeping process like never before.

But that's not all. With Dentulu's Paperless Forms, you can easily edit existing forms or add your own to customize your workflow to your needs. Need a physical copy? You can quickly export forms as PDFs or print them out for in-person signatures.

Whether you're looking to save time, reduce administrative hassle, or enhance patient interaction, Dentulu's Paperless Forms is your answer. Step into the future of dental practice management and experience the Dentulu difference today.

How it works?

Dentulu's digital form builder allows you to design your own forms and get them signed even before your patient visits your office. This tool can save you a lot of time and


With our easy-to-use form builder, create a form in minutes.


Share the information with your patients!


You can quickly find and select templates from the archive.

Start practicing the digitized dental practice

Dentulu's paperless forms can be quickly and easily customized to meet your specific practice needs while ensuring compliance with all applicable regulations.

What’s new in Dentulu?

Dentulu's paperless forms are available for a variety of dental procedures, including new patient registration, online consultation, medical history update, treatment consent, and more. And because they're customizable, you can use them for any type of dental practice.

If you're looking for an easy way to reduce paperwork & improve patient experience

Try Dentulu's paperless forms! With our easy-to-use form builder, you can create custom forms in minutes, share them with patients, and manage all your forms in one place.

Not convinced? Know a bit more about the functions going paperless has never been easier!

New forms

Create new forms and customize your own templates to suit your requirements.

View form

Clicking on the view form button will allow you to view any existing forms that are on the list.

Copy direct link

This functionality will allow you to copy the form's link and share it with anyone. You can also share the form via email or direct message.


The emails function allows you to send emails to existing patients on your list, or you can add new patients via the 'Add Patient' option.


Using the edit option you can edit any existing forms in your list.


You can erase any form from your list using the ‘Delete’ option.


You can use the search bar to quickly find any form on your list.

My forms

You can view all the available forms on your list using the ‘my forms’ option.

Completed Forms

This is where you will find a list of all the forms that have been completed by patients.

Sent form

The "Sent form" option allows you to view a list of all the emails that have been sent to patients.


Dentulu's digital form builder allows you to design your own forms and get them signed even before your patient visits your office. This tool can save you a lot of time and hassle.

The monthly plan for dental offices is $249 with a $500 setup fee. The yearly plan is $2490 with no setup fee.

With our easy-to-use form builder, creating a form takes minutes.

You can easily share your forms with patients via email, text, or a link.

Dentulu keeps a version history of all your forms, so you can always go back and make changes if necessary.

The Form Management system lets you easily send forms to patients and keep track of what is being sent.

Yes! Dentulu provides easy-to-use templates for saving and accessing your patients' filled-out forms. Export, send short links, & utilize various other functions to manage your forms.