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Online calendar & scheduling

Streamline your appointment scheduling with our easy-to-use online calendar tool. Say goodbye to manual scheduling and hello to a hassle-free process. Make booking appointments a breeze for your patients, ensuring a positive experience and increasing patient satisfaction.

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Two way easy scheduling for patients and offices

Experience seamless scheduling with our two-way online calendar tool for dental offices. Patients can quickly and easily book appointments, and offices can manage their schedule efficiently. Say goodbye to endless phone calls and missed appointments.

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Patient mobile app

Dentulu's customizable patient app streamlines the dental office experience for both patients and staff. It provides a seamless and convenient way to manage appointments, communicate securely, access patient information, and more, making it a valuable tool for any dental office.

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Photo Consultations

Dentulu's asynchronous photo consultation feature provides dental offices with a flexible and convenient way to connect with patients. Patients can take photos of their dental issues and send them to the office, allowing providers to review and provide recommendations without the need for a real-time appointment. This saves time for both patients and providers, improving the overall patient experience and making dental care more accessible.

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Video Consultations (Synchronous)

Dentulu's Video Consultations provide a real-time and synchronous solution for dental offices to connect with their patients. Through secure video calls, providers can consult with patients, discuss treatment plans, and perform virtual exams in a convenient and efficient manner. The tool allows for an improved patient experience and increased accessibility to dental care.

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Collect Payments

Dentulu's enterprise application for dental offices provides a seamless and secure solution for collecting patient payments. With features like automatic billing and payment processing, custom payment plans and credit card storage, practices can easily manage their financial operations. This reduces manual work and errors, making it easy for patients to pay and for the practice to get paid.

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Text SMS/In app chat with patients

Dentulu's text SMS and in-app chat feature allows dental offices to communicate with patients in a secure and convenient way. This feature ensures timely and effective communication between the office and the patient, improving overall patient experience and satisfaction. With the ability to send appointment reminders, confirmations, and updates, the dental office can save time and improve patient engagement.

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Send Reminders (Text, Email and Push)

Dentulu provides a comprehensive reminder system for dental offices to stay on top of their appointments and keep their patients informed. With the ability to send reminders via text, email, and push notifications, dental offices can ensure their patients never miss an appointment, leading to a more efficient and effective practice.

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Marketing and Outreach tools

Dentulu's Marketing and Outreach tools help Dental offices connect with new and existing patients, increase brand visibility and drive more leads. With Widget enabled features like custom websites, SMS marketing, virtual video calls and photo consultations, offices can improve their patient engagement, boost patient retention and ultimately grow their business.

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Reviews and Testimonials Management

Dentulu's review and testimonials management feature allows dental offices to collect and display patient feedback seamlessly. This helps in building trust and reputation, improving patient satisfaction and attracting new patients through positive word of mouth. The feature also provides an easy-to-use platform to manage and respond to online reviews.

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Why Dentulu was awarded the Cellerant
“Best of Class Technology” at the ADA TWICE!

Dr. Ardy H

I saw an increase in new patients on the first month! Setup and installation were quick and easy, and my staff loves it.

Dr. Shervin M

I use Dentulu for all my initial virtual consults and have had great patient acceptance in most of the cases. Thank you!

Dr. Bobby S

I love that I can communicate with my patients from almost any device and have recommended this to all my friends.

Simple Setup and Implementation

Customize to match your brand

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  • Unlimited Consultations
  • Unlimited Texts
  • Unlimited Photo Consults
  • Unlimited Video Consults
  • Unlimited Appointments
  • 4 in 1 Teledentistry tool
  • Works alongside any PMS

Other competitor


  • Pay per consultation
  • No texting
  • Basic Photo Consults
  • Limited customization
  • Limitations on Hardware
  • Not HIPAA compliant

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Also included at no additional charge

  • Appointment reminders

  • Marketing Website

  • Social media content library

  • Online credit card processing

  • Secure HIPAA compliant file sharing

  • 50 Electronic prescription/month

  • Online positive review generator

  • Group purchasing discounts on products


Dentulu's app offers convenient communication, appointment scheduling, payment collection, marketing and outreach tools, and secure data storage solutions.

Dentulu's app provides patients with access to their medical history and treatment plan, education materials, and the ability to schedule appointments and provide feedback through reviews and testimonials.

Yes, Dentulu takes security and privacy seriously and the app is fully compliant with HIPAA regulations.

The video conferencing feature allows for virtual consultations between the patient and provider through the app.

Yes, Dentulu offers customized branding options for the app to match your office's unique style.

Dentulu provides comprehensive support and training resources to ensure a smooth implementation and optimal use of the app.

Dentulu's app is available at a monthly subscription fee at $207 per month paid annually and includes access to all features and services, as well as ongoing technical support and upgrades.