Create & customize your own widget

Powerful and customized plug-n-play interface that enables your dental office to provide seamless teledentistry services such as virtual, photo, and many more.

How it works?


Create an account

Complete quick registration with basic details on dentulu's website or app



Choose a subscription package that suits your business needs


Install widget

Copy the code and paste it on your website to install the widget

There's no need to write codes, just copy and paste!

if we can show the actual code we use as a sample and how its having option to copy paste and email etc. that will be more effective

How does the sms widget work?

Having a custom SMS widget on your website enables you to do many things, such as sending SMS to patients about treatment plans, appointment schedules/reschedules, and more.

How does photo consultation widget work?

Enable this widget to provide photo consultations on your website. This way, patients can upload photos of their teeth and gums and receive a consultation from you without visiting the office. Also, there is an option provided with toggle switch, if you want to charge for photo consultation.

How does video consultation widget work?

The video consultation widget allows patients to quickly and easily request high-quality video consultations with you online. This technology enables businesses to grow and increase brand visibility.

Become a virtual dentist

Widgets are small applications that can be placed on a widget host, typically the home screen or lock screen of your Android device. A widget runs as part of the process of its host, where the widget reserves the permissions of their application.

Getting your patient information and requests!

Speed and convenience

Get the information about your patients ahead of their initial visit!

Using customized questions allows your patients to fill out the responses you would like to have from them before their visit

Speed and convenience

Patient personal Information

The patient enters their personal information, which can be exported to your practice management software making it easy to identify your patients

Speed and convenience

Improving patient experience

You can ask your patient about their preferences and how soon they would like to start the treatment, making it easier for both of you

Speed and convenience

Sending in pictures

The widget makes it easy for patients to upload photos in the format of your choice for assessment

Speed and convenience

Get notified on submission

We notify providers or the office via SMS or email when a patient submits their information through our secure widget.

Speed and convenience

Patient data saved securely

Dentulu is committed to protecting patient data. Our HIPAA compliance and partnership with servers like Amazon Web Services ensure that patient information is always safe.

Still not convinced that Dentulu is the right fit for you and your dental practice?

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The Dentulu virtual consultation widget is an easy-to-use platform builder that helps you quickly create a website for your dental services. With this widget, you can provide your patients with high-level patient care. This way, you can manage your appointments, treatments, and finances all in one place while being available to answer any questions your patients may have.

To get started, simply create an account and register for the free trial. Once you have registered, you can begin using the widget to create your website in minutes.

No, there is no limit to the number of patients you can see. You can use the widget to connect with as many patients as you like.

The Dentulu virtual consultation widget offers a number of benefits, including:

  • The ability to connect with patients from anywhere in the world

  • The ability to offer high-level patient care

  • The ability to manage your appointments, treatments, and finances all in one place

  • The ability to answer any questions your patients may have.

Yes, the Dentulu virtual consultation widget is available for both iOS and Android devices.

No, you do not need to be a dentist to use the Dentulu virtual consultation widget. Any oral healthcare provider can use the widget to connect with their patients.