Best Patient communication tool for Dental offices

Dentulu can help you improve your relationship with your patients by helping dental offices communicate better with patients.

Improve practice efficiency with Dentulu

Dentulu helps you keep track of your patients' appointments, schedule follow-up visits, and remind patients of their appointments. Dentulu offers much more than you expect.

Real-time communication tools

Live chat

Dentulu's live chat feature allows you to instantly communicate with your patients. This way, you can get the information you need in real-time and resolve any issues as they arise.

Notification tools


Send custom email messages to your patients to remind patients of their upcoming appointments or notify them of changes in office hours.


You can also send and receive SMS messages to your patients. This way, you can get the information you need in real-time and resolve any issues as they arise.

Push notification

With Dentulu, you can easily send custom notifications to your patients. You can also take advantage of our push notification feature to remind patients of their upcoming appointments.

In-app notification

Allows you to see the appointment bookings and other messages on your dashboard.

New appointment

Dental offices can book appointments for patients with their choice of dentist using this function

Reminder notification

Dental offices can send appointment reminders to patients 24 hours, half an hour, and 5 minutes before the appointment.

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Dentulu is a fully-secured, teledentistry solution that enables patients to book affordable consults with dental professionals, similar to the way you would order an Uber. Our Board-Certified dentists and specialists are available to connect with you same-day, via live video conferencing or in-person, so you can get the care you need, when you need it, all from the comfort of your own home.

Direct Connect is a virtual dental tool that automates patient care and allows dental professionals to stay competitive.

Yes, Direct Connect is a HIPAA-compliant software. The platform uses two-way end-to-end encryption to prioritize privacy and patient confidentiality.

Dentulu offers a variety of features including e-mail/ SMS/ push notifications, appointment scheduling, online forms, document management, medical records, live chat, and reminders.

Dentulu's features allow you to easily send custom e-mail and SMS messages, set up appointment reminders, chat with patients in real time, and upload important documents.

Dentulu provides an easy way for your staff to keep track of patient information and appointments. By using Dentulu, you can improve communication with your patients, which can lead to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

No, Dentulu is not just for dentists! Any dental office staff member can use Dentulu to communicate with patients. Dentulu is also great for solo practitioners and small businesses.

Dentulu offers many benefits including improved communication, increased patient satisfaction, easy appointment scheduling, and more. With Dentulu, you can make your dental practice run smoother and more efficiently.