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Our mission is to provide oral care access to all

We're proud to offer great benefits, support and access to our large nationwide network of dentists to federal employees, military retirees, Veterans and more.

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Government & Public Health

Dentulu: The future of dental care

Dentulu's platform is available on mobile smartphones and the web and can be accessed by any country within 48 hours. It works seamlessly between different hardware.

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Government & Public Health
Government & Public Health

Dentulu's expansions telehealth solutions

Dentulu is committed to increasing access to care for patients around the world and is working with government agencies, NGO’s and other health organizations to expand Telehealth solutions that can meet the needs of each region and its unique patient population.

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Teledentistry: The ADA's Take

The American Dental Association (ADA) believes that teledentistry can be an effective way of expanding the reach of dental professionals and increasing access to care, by reducing the effect of distance barriers to care. Teledentistry has the capability to expand the reach of a dental home to provide needed dental care to a population within reasonable geographic distances and varied locations where the services are rendered.

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Government & Public Health
Government & Public Health

Global Expansion

Dentulu’s platform can be accessed by any country within 48 hours on both mobile Smartphones and/or directly on the web and works seamlessly between different hardware. With a unique and consolidated set of features including the wide range of Teledentistry, communication tools, scheduling, and digital solution with integration capabilities, Dentulu is a powerful tool for both commercial and institutional use.

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Government & Public Health

A virtual care solution for your unique business challenges

Our platform is designed to meet your unique business challenges, whether you want an end-to-end virtual care solution or the technology infrastructure to seamlessly plug into your patient portal. The best part? Our 50-state network of board-certified clinicians is included.

  • Government & Public HealthSynchronous & asynchronous care
  • Government & Public Health Integrated e-prescribe
  • Government & Public Health White-labeled for your brand
  • Government & Public HealthBuilt-in payment processing

Dentulu’s Teledentistry applications instills

Dentulu is currently working on consolidating its in-house team of expert developers and probably works with various local and international government agencies to provide secure, customized, and advanced telemedicine and Teledentistry solutions to fit the respective needs of its customers.

Government & Public HealthLive (synchronous) videoconferencing: a two-way audiovisual link between a patient and a care provider

Government & Public Health Store-and-forward (asynchronous) videoconferencing: transmission of a recorded health history to a health practitioner, usually a specialist.

Government & Public Health Remote patient monitoring (RPM): the use of connected electronic tools to record personal health and medical data in one location for review by a provider in another location, usually at a different time.

Government & Public Health Mobile health (mHealth): health care and public health information provided through mobile devices. The information may include general educational information, targeted texts, and notifications about disease outbreaks.

Qualify for federal telehealth funds with Dentulu

Government & Public Health

Round 2 Funding

Additional $249.95 million in round 2 funding support for healthcare providers will build on success of Initial program.

Government & Public Health

Program Goals

COVID-19 Telehealth Program was designed to help health care providers offer telehealth and connected care services to patients in response to the pandemic

Government & Public Health

Reach the Underserved

Provide connected care services to rural communities, students, seniors, underserved communities, and many more demographics with additional funding.

Grant funding telehealth program opportunities with Dentulu

Government & Public Health

School-based teledentistry

Allows school based Teledentistry and Onsite Mobile Dentistry Capabilities.

Government & Public Health

Senior-care facilities

Enable non-clinical staff and residents to conduct remote examinations in their rooms.

Government & Public Health

Remote specialty consults

Dentulu can be used at virtually any location to connect to a specialist remotely for care collaboration.

Government & Public Health

Quarantine sites

Enable dental professionals to assess a patient’s oral health at high risk locations prior to discharge.

Government & Public Health

Remote patient monitoring

Patients in isolation can be cared for and assessed remotely without needing to come into the hospital , ER, or dental office physically.

Government & Public Health

Traveling dental clinicians

Dentulu provides a nationwide directory and support system of mobile dental clinicians that can provide onsite care.

Government & Public Health



Dentulu is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

Teledentistry is the use of technology to provide dental care, consultations, diagnosis, and patient education remotely. This allows patients to access experts from their own homes or offices via webcam, regardless of location.

In 1994, the Department of Defense started a program called "total dental access" which sought to improve patient care by providing teeth-related information through Teledentistry. This initiative promoted communication and increased dental education.

D9995 is the ADA (American Dental Association) code for teledentistry.

Teledentistry provides and supports dental care delivery, diagnosis, consultation, treatment, transfer of dental information and education.

  • Emergency dental care
  • Electronic prescriptions
  • Post-operative appointments

Common pediatric dental problems (ectopic eruption or shark teeth), space maintainer issues, exfoliating primary tooth, debonded crown, aphthous ulcer, teething discomfort, orthodontic appliance problems.

Teledentistry is a cheaper and safer way to do dentistry than the traditional method, and it also decreases the likelihood of needing expensive procedures like root canals or dental implants.

Teledentistry offers patients more affordable dental care options and can help prevent the need for more costly procedures down the line.