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Synchronous Teledentistry

Synchronous Teledentistry

Dentulu empowers you to have real-time communication with each other via two-way video conferencing.

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Synchronous Teledentistry

How it works?

Synchronous Teledentistry

STEP 1 Synchronous Teledentistry

Create account

Create an account by providing basic information

Synchronous Teledentistry

STEP 2 Synchronous Teledentistry

Choose patient

You can choose patient from the existing list or create a new one

Synchronous Teledentistry

STEP 3 Synchronous Teledentistry

Proceed treatment plan

You can examine patients' oral issues online and develop treatment plans

Benefits of synchronous teledentistry

Synchronous Teledentistry

Increased efficiency

Dentists who use teledentistry report increased efficiency in their practices. By seeing patients virtually, they can eliminate many of the administrative tasks associated with in-person appointments.

Synchronous Teledentistry

Decreased chair time

Patients appreciate the convenience of being able to be seen from the comfort of their own homes. This leads to shorter appointments and less time in the chair for both the patient and provider.

Synchronous Teledentistry

Improved patient compliance

Patients who use teledentistry are more likely to follow through with their treatment plan and are less likely to cancel or reschedule appointments.

Synchronous Teledentistry

Ability to serve a wider geographical area

Dentists who offer teledentistry can serve patients who live in rural areas or who have transportation challenges.

Synchronous Teledentistry

Increased patient satisfaction

Studies show that patients who use teledentistry are highly satisfied with their care.

Synchronous Teledentistry

Improved access to care

Teledentistry can help increase access to dental care for underserved populations.

Synchronous Teledentistry

Increased revenue

Because teledentistry is a new and growing field, dentists who offer this service can charge a premium for their care.

Synchronous Teledentistry

Increased production

When you can see more patients virtually, you can increase your daily productivity.

Synchronous Teledentistry

Improved work-life balance

Dentists who use teledentistry report improved work-life balance. Because they can see patients virtually, they can eliminate many of the administrative tasks associated with in-person appointments.

Synchronous Teledentistry

Reduced exposure to communicable diseases

When dentists see patients virtually, there is no risk of exposure to communicable diseases.

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Synchronous Teledentistry

Here are a few things you should know about Dentulu

  • Synchronous Teledentistry We ease your skill with technology
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  • Synchronous Teledentistry Easy, safe, and quick payment methods
  • Synchronous Teledentistry Make convenient appointment times
  • Synchronous Teledentistry Provides a wide range of dental services, from preventive care to cosmetic dentistry
  • Synchronous Teledentistry Enhance your practice with state-of-the-art equipment and techniques
  • Synchronous Teledentistry Practice with patients in their comfortable and relaxed environment
  • Synchronous Teledentistry Connect with vendors and service providers 24/7
  • Synchronous Teledentistry Build your customized app using Dentulu
  • Synchronous Teledentistry Things are more than you expect. Connect with us

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Synchronous teledentistry is the use of real-time, two-way audio and video technology to provide dental care at a distance.

There are many benefits to using synchronous teledentistry, including increased production, decreased chair time, improved patient compliance, ability to serve a wider geographical area, increased patient satisfaction, improved access to care, increased revenue, increased efficiency, and improved work-life balance.

Synchronous teledentistry allows dental providers to see and treat patients in real-time using two-way audio and video technology.

A wide variety of dental care services can be provided using synchronous teledentistry, including but not limited to diagnosis, treatment planning, patient education, and preventative care.

Any type of dental software that supports two-way audio and video can be used to provide synchronous teledentistry.

The cost of setting up a synchronous teledentistry practice will vary depending on the dental software used, the type of equipment needed, and the geographical location. However, many providers report that the initial investment is quickly offset by the increased production and efficiency gained by using this modality of care.